22 April 2018

That was a weird – but effective – way to relax!

This is from last evening. My brother had come over to the hotel where I had checked in in Kolkata to relax for a few hours over a glass of wine and some brother to brother chit chat before I head out US-wards.

We sat down in the lobby lounge of JW Marriott and got ourselves some wine. Then… and I am not sure what led to what else, but soon we ordered some writing paper and two pens to go with the wine!

You can banish the thought of two brothers noting down the palate, nose and length details of the wine they were having. We are far too nerdy for that. Unbelievably enough, we entertain each other by exchanging math problems or logic problems.

Two sips of the wine later, he said “Try this” and gave me a very interesting math problem. Half an hour of continuous calculations and formulations later (did I mention we sent for more paper? :-), I gave up!

That is when he solved it for me. I was thrilled with the solution and very proud of my brother.

Mostly because he finds solving math problems to be relaxing like me!! Of course there is that irony that when he and I went to the same school, it was I who helped with problems he could not solve.

I realize most of you cannot relate to this but to me, it just does not get any better. It is like high school all over again. This time, with a glass of wine, though 🙂

If any one of you care, here is problem:
What is the value of (x-squared) + (x) + (1/x) + (1 / x-squared)
If (x-squared) – 3(x) + 1 = 0

There is an incredibly elegant solution to this. Message me if you want the solution.

If you cannot solve it, do not worry. Just have another glass of wine. Like I did!!!

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    1. By Rajib Roy on

      Ranjan, I stayed at ITC. I went to the bar too. The place was deserted. We then went I jw for some wine. Came back and went looking for you. Found out that you have moved to the lobby side. Met sankhyadeep


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