24 June 2023

I think I might be know somebody famous!

We were walking in downtown Alpharetta when I spotted something in the newspaper dispenser on a busy street. The local newspaper – Alpharetta Roswell Herald was on full display. And right on the top in the middle of the newspaper, I thought I recognized something. Stepping in closer, I thought I saw a horse painting that looked like one that Sharmila had done.

Stepping in even closer, I noticed that even she is there in the picture. (sitting in the front row to your left).

Jay Jay was remarkably uninterested in my find!

24 June 2023

A very talented guy – Geno

We were walking in downtown Alpharetta when we came across one more of those live music going on. This was at the intersection of Canton and Academy in front of Coalition.

This gentleman – Geno – is really talented. He was certainly singing and playing the guitar as many do. Simultaneously, he was playing the bass with his two feet on that instrument you can see. I was impressed enough that I waited for him to finish his song and then chatted him up.

Apparently he has been doing this for 30 years!!

27 May 2023


I was walking in Alpharetta downtown one evening. Generally watching people and peeking into the stores by the street. Something caught my eye in one of the stores. Backed up a few steps. If you can see at the back end of the wall on the right side – there is a painting of a girl. I thought that looked like something Sharmila had done. I asked her and she confirmed!!

I did not know there were Alpharetta downtown shops selling her paintings. Turns out there was another one in the store!