20 May 2023

“Michhri” !!!

That brought back some memories from the yesteryears!! Saw this in the Farmers’ Market. Not that I needed any sugar, but it so reminded of the “micchri”s (মিছরি) from early childhood, that I had to buy a packet. Came back and did two things immediately:

(*) checked the English word for this. Apparently, it is “Rock Sugar” (that is what it said on the packet too). Had heard of Rock Salt, but never of Rock Sugar. Also, I did not realize that each one of them is a single crystal.

(*) put one in my mouth and crushed it with the molars just like we used to do nearly fifty years back!!!

Now, of course, I have to figure out how to put it to some proper use. Old Fashioned cocktail, perhaps?

13 May 2023

This dog is getting a reputation

Jay Jay and I were sitting beside Alpharetta Green watching the kids and parents play soccer when a gentleman walked up to us and asked me – “Did your dog go to Truck and Tap today?” Not sure of the context, I replied – “No. But he was there yesterday.”

“I know. We watched him listening to the live music the whole time!!”

“Yep! That be our dog alright!!”