19 August 2023

He waited at the door

Jay Jay and I were walking around in downtown Alpharetta. I was going to settle down outside Truck and Tap with a glass of wine and both of us were going to watch the crowd. Now, dogs are not allowed inside in this particular bar.

On other days, Sharmila would be with him and I would go inside and get the drinks. But today, she is not here. To try something new, I told him to sit and stay as I went in to quickly get a glass of wine.

He faithfully stood by the door the entire time as I placed my order, grabbed the drink and settled the bill. Then we sat down together to watch the crowd!

11 August 2023

They are back!!!

Remember I had talked about that group of Indian folks that came and started singing devotional songs in The Green in Downtown Alpharetta one day? They showed up today again!!

First all the kids stopped playing and stood around curiously watching what was going on. Then the adults came in and started dancing!!!