27 March 2021

An interesting bug in Apple Watch

First, apologies for the blurriness. Apparently, I cannot hold by hand steady when I find a bug in Apple software. In any case, I was watching the sunset from my parents’ place when I wanted to check the temperature and looked at my Apple watch. And this is what I saw…

Note that the temperatures it showed was around 75. First of all, that was not correct. The next screen has the right temperature – 91. But more importantly, see how the temperatures start rising after 9 at night. Went to the next screen to see what was happening.

Of course, the bug is with the sun! It apparently had decided to start rising at 9 PM with full glory.

[BTW, I tested out the phone and watch for time zones and all that – everything seemed to be fine. Also, the same thing happened the next day]

Posted March 27, 2021 by Rajib Roy in category "Vacations

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