17 August 2016

From the bartender’s corner – Pontarlier Julep

This drink was created by William Elliott in the bar of Maison Premiere in Brooklyn, NY back in 2012. It used to sell for $13 then and I believe it sets you back by $17 now.

It is a very interesting but refreshing drink. It has gin, absinthe, aperol, sweet vermouth, orange bitters and crushed ice.. Technically, you should put in a couple of drops of orange flower water too. Unless you are a connoisseur, you won’t notice it if that is skipped.

It is pretty interesting for a Julep. For one, there is no muddled mint. Instead you put in absinthe. You mix the ingredients first and then put the crushed ice. Moment you put the crushed ice, you can smell the minty smell of absinthe pouring out. The mint sprig completes the bouquet. The Pontarlier part of the name comes from the traditional French home for absinthe distillation.

The gin is mostly to stretch the strength of the absinthe. The bittersweet taste with the strong mint aroma makes it very refreshing on a hot and muggy day like today.

I would let the crushed ice to sit for some time to get the full effect of the drink.


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