18 May 2014

The Three Idiots

The Chalupa group took a collective timeout this morning. All except three certifiably crazy members. It was raining incessantly and the temperatures had dropped to an unseasonal 50 degrees. The trail was wet, with a lot of water puddles and deceptively slippery.

Giving us company in the otherwise desolate trail were a couple walking their dog and a high school girl out running without her regular Sunday morning school team. Samaresh and I came prepared – at least I had full sleeves on while Samaresh had full rain gear. Manas, on the other hand, came in his patented Sunday morning light T shirt. When I asked him if he was worried, the every funny and self-deprecating Manas pointed to his prospering mid-portion and said “I am my own protection”!. It hurt my sides, I laughed so hard.

I wish I had carried my phone with me. There were some unbelievably beautiful sights of rain falling on the treetops, the small rivulets, the big creeks and all the leaves glistening in the overnight rain that I wished I had captured.

At the end of the run, as we synchronized our “Atchoos”, and collectively cleared our noses (I know. Gross. You see. “Thanda legey gechhey”), we wanted to give a full throated message to our fellow Chalupa- runners – “Alllll Eeeeeez Welllll” 🙂


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