14 January 2014

Side benefits…

Came to speak at an event in DC. Ended up meeting a long lost friend, philosopher and guide. Met Hari last in April 1983! He was one year senior to me in my MBA school. Following his guidance, I went for a summer training in COSL. And then following his advise, I took up a job there a year later. One of the dream places as a first job. Great learning, great people, great technologies! Could not have received better advice.

Nearly 21 years later, Hari still looks the same and as that same infectious loud laughter. The only difference is that he has become a hotshot CIO in DC area now!! I had totally forgotten that he married a colleague and friend of mine. (I am sure Mala is going to kill me). Otherwise, I would have made efforts to meet her too!

An interesting find this evening….
Hari yesterday played golf (he is big into golf) in California with a friend of his. A little bit of prodding led to the discovery that his friend’s wife worked in my team in i2!!!

It was absolutely fabulous getting to see him after nearly 21 years and reconnecting…


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  1. By Anupam Debnath on

    Rajib, Rimi asked a very innocent question this morning, while I ws combing my hair she asked why I have less hair on my head than her ? I said , Mama, they have flown way with the wind. Here is what comes next, so wind has taken away Rajib Mesho’s hair, very bad wind !!!

  2. By Rajib Roy on

    Finally, somebody gets me 🙂 Tell her that they made a movie about my head – “Gone with the wind” 🙂

  3. By Kuntal Sengupta on

    Btw..I remember meeting you while you were in cosl doing your internhip..I was in my 1 month stint of a job before my f1 visa got stamped.

  4. By Amrith Kumar on

    how the heck is it that he looks the same as ~1995? and I doubt very much that you last met him in 1983. in fact I will bet that you didnt meet him till 1989 😉


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