2 May 2021

From the bartender’s corner – Lychee Gimlet

Lychees were an interesting fruit growing up. There was the menacing looking outer shell. Fortunately, it came off very easily. And then just as you put the nice luscious fruit in your mouth, you realized there was little truth in the advertisement. The soft fruit pulp came with a humongous seed!

Still, many a summer afternoon was spent eating a few of those juicy fruits. Sweet, great texture and very soft aroma.

Today’s drink is made from Lychee juice. Half an ounce of lime juice, two ounces of lychee juice, one and a half juice of gin, half an ounce of simple syrup, half an ounce of triple sec and ice thoroughly mixed in a glass and then poured in a martini glass first lightly rimmed with some sugar.

Was a big hit at our home this evening. Even Sharmila skipped the evening wine for this cocktail.

Fairly mild on the nose, the palette is that of the lime, sugar and lychee. The distinct finish of the juniper came way at the end.

Posted May 2, 2021 by Rajib Roy in category "Cocktails

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