19 October 2013

An evening of Nusrat songs..

Some incredible poetry…

“Jo puchha ke kis tarah hoti hai baarish / Jabeen se paseene ki boondein gira di,

Jo puchha ke kis tarah girti hai bijli / Nigahein milaaein – mila kar jhuka di

Jo puchha shab-o-roz milte hain kaise / To bhehre pe apne wo zulfein hata di

Jo puchha ke naghmon mein jaadu hai kaisa / To meethe takallum mein baatein suna di

Jo apni tamannon ka haal puchha / To jalti hui chand shamein bhujha di

Main kehta reh gaya khata-e-mohabbat ki achhi saaza di”

Need help from somebody who is more knowledgeable in Urdu than me but roughly I think it is…

When I asked her how does the rain fall / She let a few beads of sweat fall from her forehead

When I asked her how does the lightning strike / She looked at me, and then lowered her eyes

When I asked her how does the night and day come together / She slowly moved her hair away from her face

When I asked her about the magic in music / She whispered a sweet things in my ear

But when I asked her about my own wishes / She quickly snuffed out a few candles

And all I was left saying was, what a punishment this is, for the sin of loving!!

Posted October 19, 2013 by Rajib Roy in category "Music/Poetry


  1. By Shahid Charania (Post author) on

    You did good.

    Arz kiya hai

    Tuu milaa hai to ye ehsaas hu’aa hai mujhko
    Ye merii umr muhabbat ke liye thori hai
    Ek zaraa saa Gham-e-dauraan kaa bhii haq hai jis par
    Main ne vo saans bhii tere liye rakh chhori hai
    Zindagii mein to sabhii pyaar kiyaa karte hain

    Ever since I have met you, I felt that
    This life is too short for love
    The sorrows of the world for which one should spare a thought
    Even that last breath, I have devoted to you


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