2 January 2023

Maybe I do overdo it a bit!!

I was trying to put together the report card for last year yesterday and I realized that I might be approaching borderline OCD. And by that I mean approaching the border from the other side 🙂

Now, what I call meticulous planning and tracking of habits, goals and in general how I spend time, Sharmila and a few friends (notably Avi 🙂 ) refer to it commonly as “crop circles”. I track about 64 things everyday in those crop circle looking things – which is then aggregated weekly and then monthly and then annually with all sorts of Red, Green and Yellow colors.

I distinctly remember Avi asking me at Mazzy’s once – “So, how about spontaneity?”

I do not think my answer – “I schedule it in :-)” impressed him!!

Regardless of the good natured ribbing, I have drawn up my new tracking sheets for the new year – there are over 70 items to track this year!!

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