28 October 2017

The mix master!!

Mathew Lepcha from ITC Sonar in Kolkata is undoubtedly one of my most favorite mixologist. Will definitely feature in my Top 3. Anytime I am near Kolkata, I have to drop by at his bar to pick up a few more lessons in organic chemistry.

Today, I learnt a new trick of making some very interesting looking cocktails that includes baloons, isopropyl alchohol, syringe and dry ice!!! We exchanged a lot of notes today about cocktails.

In the end, he made a special drink for me and I had to guess the ingredients – I got 2 out of 4 right. The base of green cocounut water and the rose essence – although I missed the lack of pink color and went with rose syrup. I could not decide between rum or vodka – it weas rum – I am a gin guy and not a rum guy – and I could not name the khus. Khus is not something I use much in my drinks. I liked it. Especially for the hot Atlanta summers, it would be a good substitute for mints.

Very few people are as knowledgeable and as passionate about mixology as Mathew is. The guy is an absolutely delightful person to know. If you like cocktails, he is totally the guy you have to know!!!

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  1. By Avinash Misra on

    Thanks for sharing Rajib. Will definitely say hello to Mathew on the next Kol visit. By the way on the use of dry ice , I’ve heard some horror stories from Delhi of people having been seriously injured from dry ice in drinks. Wonder if it’s an ingredient we must use with lots of caution. Any guidance from Mathew or yourself….

    1. By Mathew Lepcha on

      Anything can be harmful or possibly dangerous with lack of knowledge or required skill. It was liquid nitrogen the incident you are referring to Mr. Misra. As far as I can tell temperature of Liquid nitrogen is – 195 degree celcius. Thus you can use it as quick super cooling agent but at the same time it has the expansion rate which is more than 600 times when turned into gaseous state. Therefore it should not be consumed directly. Use it just for quick freezing and nothing else and make sure that no liquid form is left of it.


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