21 October 2017

“Bhaiphonta”. First time after 1983.

Last time I had “bhaiphonta” with my sister was when I was 17 years old. (This is a ceremony where sisters celebrate their brothers).

And today, at 51 years, I am exactly three times as old. After a long time, finally, I was able to keep a request of my sister…

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  1. By Arjun Dasgupta on

    You are blessed that you are at Kolkata with your sister… This divine relationship is unmeasured by any scientific instruments and have no units…

  2. By Ambarish Mitra on

    “The mother again commented on the simplicity of the relationship between brother and sister. No exaggerated display of emotion, no hyperbolic words of affection; just a deep, sincere care towards each other.” —Gorky (Mother)

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