31 October 2014

Outstanding response!!

In response to my poem to publicly shame Nachiketa for not coming out to run with us (errr… I mean eat luchi mangsho with us) – which I might hasten to add was extremely effective since he signed up immediately, my school friend Sibapriya (remember him? I visited him and his parents in Midnapore a couple of months back) posted an outstanding response in the form of another Bengali poem he wrote (written to a different iambic metre). In this he urges Nachiketa NOT to come out and run/eat luchi mangsho etc…

Luchi aar mangsho!
Chalupar ongsho?!
Ei ki go tomader ghata kore
Calorie dhongsho?
Ray,Mukhopadhyay ra ki
Pagoler bongsho?

Seshpate whiskey!
Noy ki ta risky?
Chalupar chalaki
Douroley henchki?
Durethako Nachiketa
Jeonako hethahotha!!!

Well played, Sibapriya, well played!! I bow to superior talent!!

Posted October 31, 2014 by Rajib Roy in category "Humor", "Music/Poetry", "Our Friends", "Running


  1. By Samudra Dutta Gupta on

    Truly well played. And this is Bengali. This is why despite staying in Japan for 14 years and getting permanent residence still I consider my stay there as “Ramer banobas”


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