23 July 2014

The smallest thing in life …

… Often reflect on one of the biggest thing of the past

It was a long work day. Finally came home and did something that the inlaws love doing whenever I am home. We sit by the pool, light up the citronella candles, pour some wine and start talking. Sharmila was busy with the kids – so it was just the three of us.

I learnt why my father in law is called what he is called. What I did not know is that in those days of high childbirth mortalities, his mom lost her first four kids. Out of tremendous pressure from society and family – those were not easy days for women in India to begin with, far less for women who could not bear a living child – she cried and prayed like crazy to God to let her next born live. Moment the child was born, she named him “Rakhahari” – meaning “Please keep (this one), God”!!! And He did!!

Who knew?


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  1. By Vicky Ruffin Cupit on

    Our stories are all so interesting… thanks so much for sharing part of your family’s story with us….what a life his mother must have lived growing up under such “unfriendly” circumstances… American women need to be thankful every day that even though we were kept barefoot and pregnant until after the 1940’s…. we could rebel even in pioneer days without fear of being killed or having our family shamed because of our actions… bless your mother in law and father in law for sharing their stories…

  2. By Sibapriya Dasgupta on

    You’ll find many a family of yesteryears naming their last born girl child of a series named “Iti” meaning ‘the end”!
    More often than not, parents used to name their children after Hindu deities, so that even in their delirious terminal stage of life they could earn some bonus points from God Almighty by taking their children’s name !!!


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