20 June 2014

I am a glutton for punishment!!

So what would you do after four days of a three city tour including four flights – two of them coast to coast and two of them much delayed? If you are much grounded in sanity, you will probably stay on ground for a few days.

But then I have to stay true to the one-word adjective my wife summarized me by – “quirky”. So, at the end of the work week, immediately packed up the family (including inlaws) and headed back to the airport.

A few phone calls and deft maneuvers later, here we are on a flight for the inlaws to see the Niagara Falls for the first time (and I am sure only time) in their lives. The kids have seen the Falls from the Canadian side but never from the American side.

Should be good!

On a serious note, just like for my parents, I am always scared which one of the trips is going to be the last time I get to see my inlaws (they are nearly 80). They are visiting us after 10 years. (Usually I go to India to see them every three months). I am lucky to still have both my parents and inlaws alive – albeit at various stages of physical abilities. I am acutely aware that that count is going to go down to 3 soon. How soon and which one, I do not know. Therefore, I am determined to create some “indelible moments” in their lives.


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