30 September 2015

Words you are likely to hear only from a Bengali mom

Coming to think of it… maybe it is not just Bengali moms… maybe it is Bengalis…

An actual quote from my daily phone call to my mom this morning. She was explaining how my dad is doing health wise… “Eto gorom porechhe je thanda legey gechhe”. If I could get a break from my peals of my laughter, I would translate it for you as “It is become so hot outside that he has caught a cold”!!!

We, the poor Bengalis can never quite figure out how to set this world’s thermostat correctly.

It is cold outside? Thou shalt catch a cold!
It is hot outside? Thou shalt catch a cold!
It is raining outside? Thou shalt catch a cold!
It is a little windy outside? Thou shalt catch a cold!
There is a lunar eclipse today? Thou shalt catch a cold!

It is like when we were created, our God was in so much hurry that he pressed “Page Down” before He could add the DNA covering sweaters in our genes. And of course, we do not know who to complain to. Bengalis have many many Gods (literally 330 million Gods – if they were to be distributed among my fellow Americans here, everybody would have gotten one and we would still have a few millions spare Gods left). Yet, we do not have a God manning the complaints department.

Arrgh!! Meanwhile, can you pass me my monkey cap, please? The sun is getting real hot today!

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  1. By Prasenjit Sarkar on

    We runners are also particularly vulnerable to colds if we allow our sweat to dry up even partly after returning from a run and before hitting the shower. “Ishsh, shnaan korte jaa; ghaam shukiye gele thanda lege jaabe”.

  2. By Sunny Sanyal on

    I have given up trying to explain to my mother why it’s okay for the kids to have ice cream in the winter when its snowing outside…

  3. By Sri Ganesh on

    Come to think of it.. the climate changes and pollution is really affecting. And the first impact is lungs and throat. It is 37 degree Celsius and I have a persistent cough. No God can help. Only person to complain to is son and daughter in law. And they suggest best cocktails in warm water. ☺


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