8 April 2015

Surprise! Surprise!!

Rarely do I make a trip to the Bay Area without once rudely barging into good old Aditi’s house. Most of the times it is a short half an hour stay just to check on her, Eric and their kids – Alexandria, Clark and Karma. Sometimes, I am lucky enough to run into her sister Ananya and her husband Blake too. Many times, I bring along my office friends along with me. Aditi’s family is like old family to me. It goes back way too many years for me to even try to remember. I think it all started in Benachity Junior High School in 1971 or something like that!!

The difference this time was that Sharmila was with me. Unfortunately, Nikita and Natasha dropped out (they were too tired after all the walks in the various college tours).

But the big difference this time was that Aditi’s dad and mom were visiting them. And Aditi and I had planned to spring a surprise on them. They had no clue that I was going to come by to meet them!! Aditi’s dad – I call him Dubey Kaku has always been a father figure to me. Many of my life changing decisions – Which Engineering college to go to? Should I study computer science or electronics? Should I go to US like the rest of my college mates or do what I wanted to do in India – study Business? … the list is long – more than my dad, I had turned to him during my early years of growing up. To me and my best friend Avijit Bose from those days, Dubey Kaku was our hero.

We missed Ananya and Blake – but certainly not the bottle of Pinot Gris they had recently brought from Mendocino Bay!!

By the way, many of you might remember him from an old story – where I had discovered that a local Atlanta friend’s grandmother and dad had once visited Dubey Kaku’s ancestral home way way back in time for some legal help from his uncle. You can read about that astonishing connection here : http://www.rajibroy.com/?p=6814

And you should have seen the surprise on his and Kakima’s face when they came back from walking the dog to find me and Sharmila sitting with Aditi and Eric. As you can well imagine, it was a magical evening to get to see good old Uncle and Auntie again. I was thrilled to find out that they are now US permanent residents and would be spending more time in the U.S.A.

Now for a final twist to all my complicated and complex interconnections and intersections…. You remember the story about meeting Sharmila’s friends this Sunday? http://www.rajibroy.com/?p=8103 You recollect how her friend Dipti talked about her dad’s best friend who was my best counsel all my life? Want to take a guess who that was? Same Dubey Kaku!!

Turns out Dubey Kaku and Mr. Srivastava (Dipti’s dad) were very close and often went to office together in the same car. And get this… Mr. Srivastava also has become a permanent resident of USA and spends a lot of time here. (Right now, he is visiting India). We all realized that these two good friends from long time back now live within miles from each other about a ten thousand miles away from where they used to ride together.

Would it not be awesome to see them ride a car together one more time? I wonder if I can finagle myself to be the driver of that car!!!


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