3 October 2013

Living longer? :-)

Yesterday, our corporate head of HR – a dear friend, colleague and peer of mine, traveled with me to DC to address my organization there.
She is a great speaker and was eloquently explaining our new healthcare options and the challenges companies like ours face with rising healthcare costs.
Some of the analytics she cited were very insightful. One rather innocuous one she told us was “married people live longer”. Driven by unbounded curiosity, I had to ask what I thought was a very challenging and certainly entirely relevant question: “do they live longer or does it just seem that way to them” 🙂 Then I dutifully sat down expecting an equally insightful answer 🙂
Let’s just say I am glad she tolerates my terrible sense of humor 🙂
She did get back at me during drinks that evening. But I am not going to tell you about that! This is my blog. Let her write about it in her blog 🙂

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  1. By Antara Choudhuri (Post author) on

    Yes, I heard about that statistics too, not sure if you can blame it on the theory of relativity! Curious, what she came back with,… 🙂

  2. By Suresh Krishnan (Post author) on

    Specially these a days considering the importance of HR’s contribution to CSR’S. You couldn’t have got it any closer though 🙂


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