10 August 2013

Salt Lake City

This morning conversation with mom:

She: “Ei soptahey tour-e jaas ni?”

Me: “Hnah. Gechhilam”

She: “Kobey phirli”?

Me: “Ei to porshu din. Tomay bollam na airport theke phone korchhi”?

She: “O! Kheyal korini. Ekhane bairey eto awaj sob somoy thik korey shona jay na. Kothay gechhili?”

Me: “Salt Lake City”

She (very very confused): “Tui ekhono Kolkata thekey berosni?”


Posted August 10, 2013 by Rajib Roy in category "Humor", "My Family


  1. By Bidisha Rudra (Post author) on

    Having lived in SLC for a few years, I can totally relate to the conversation !! Especially since Neil’s mom lives in Salt Lake, Kolkata!


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