22 June 2013

Thank you … In an extreme form…

Got a call from the elder daughter from Duke University (summer camp) – and over all the din of her roommates in her dorm room, I understood they wanted me to see if I could rig up her laptop to watch a movie that she had purchased on her iPad which she left in Atlanta. (Sigh! You can take the Indian out of the call center; but you cannot take the call center out of the Indian :-). In any case, two minutes and half a dozen happy customers later 🙂 got this text message thanking me in that inimitable teenager way 🙂


Posted June 22, 2013 by Rajib Roy in category "My Family


  1. By Tricia Quaid on

    Well at least you’ve heard from your child at Duke Tip. We told ours to check in regularlly so we’ve heard from him exactly…once in two weeks. LOL.

  2. By Mita Basu on

    In an inimitable teenager way she will not call you to catch up. You have to do the catching up:))

  3. By Alan Chenkin on

    Rajib, I have a way to outsource this to a 4th world country. Call me. –Alan (supporting the families attempts at practical technology for many years)

  4. By Alan Chenkin on

    Wait a second, my contacts there just gave me YOUR NUMBER… It seems your kids are rebranding you ! We are going full circle!!!


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