9 March 2013

Long run!

This year’s longest run – 13K (a little over 8M). How I long for those long 20 mile Saturday runs. Looks like my lower calf muscles are not ready yet. Hopefully by this year end….

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8 March 2013

One more cold run

Quick 5K run in sub-zero Milton. Now enjoying the beautiful early morning with my Starbucks sitting outside in 28 degrees. Beautiful birds chirping all over. You can spot one particularly garrulous one on the left top branch of this tree!!!


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7 March 2013

Facebook account

This morning, as I was getting ready to leave for my run, I offered to drop Nikita at school on the way. Sharmila looked at me quizzically – I guess she wanted to know why this change of routine today. Honestly, for me, it was a spur of the moment thing. But I offered that I had recently read that we should spend twice the time and half the money with our kids. And for good measure threw in that I also read it should be the opposite with wives (twice the money and half the time). She just walked away shaking her head πŸ™‚
Nikita, who by now had finished tying up her shoelaces, had this advice for her mom – “We should really cancel his Facebook account” πŸ™‚ TouchΓ©!!

6 March 2013

Sad state!

The Gallup report on happy/sad (well being) index of states is out.
Montana is way up there! 6th happiest state!! Evidently all the three citizens of Montana are very happy with their lot.
And my home state Georgia is surrounded by chronically depressed people – Tennessee #47, Alabama #45, South Carolina #40 !! So much of Georgia is explained by the company we keep. No wonder it drives us to fry even our healthy food like green tomatoes πŸ™‚

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6 March 2013

Govt is open?

Evidently DC’s snowstorm has shut down Federal govt. It is a good thing that they announce these kind of things on TV. I, for one, did not even realize that the Federal govt was open for business these days πŸ™‚

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6 March 2013


Remember all my bravado of facing into the weather? Well, the customer must have read my FB post too! They canceled our meeting πŸ™‚ So change of plans and I head back home, tail between legs and all πŸ™‚