11 December 2017

I just don’t get these two-legged animals…

I can get them to light the fireplace for me so I can cuddle up and sleep. I can get them to follow me wherever I go. I can even get them to clean up my poop after me.

And I hear they are worried about Artificial Intelligence??

How about some Natural Intelligence like me?

[PS. Note added by the thoughtful dog’s so-called master – the proper sentence would have been “Natural Intelligence like mine” and not “like me”, but then no dog – with all their natural intelligence and all – has ever been known to construct grammatically correct sentences]

Posted December 11, 2017 by Rajib Roy in category "Humor", "My Family


  1. By Ramesh Mantha on

    very funny!. This caught my eye “But then no dog – with all their natural intelligence and all ” . Shouldn’t it be “with all his (hers or its) natural intelligence and all”

  2. By Parijat Mukherjee on

    Well he( the dog) has done a superb job in training his so called “master” to hear his his “higher frequency ” communications! He ( the master )is a slow learner , but he gets the job done none the less :-).


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