20 July 2012

Chirokaler nai holey

Friday evening. Means quiet self time with music. A few hours of Nazrulgeeti and playing on the tabla. A particular lyric rendered by Dr. Debipriya Das is stuck in mind – “Ondhokarey esechhilam, Thhaktey aandhar jai chole // Khonik bhalo besechhilam, Chirokaaler nai holey”

17 July 2012


Atypical week – returning home on Tuesday. Too tired to do the Thursday thinking… So, here is a simpler math puzzle. Using 8,8,3 and 3, can you get 24? You are allowed to use only plus, minus, multiply and divide. Strictly speaking, parentheses should be allowed too. But that is it. Private message me if you know/found the answer.

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