6 March 2013

Let the adventure begin!

Forty eight hours of adventure begins. Decided to brave the winter storm and stick to my original travel plan – Philly, Richmond, DC in three days.
Philly was uneventful. Rest of it promises to be fun. The storms have picked up now. Pretty strong wind. Snow starting. Tried to get out early and switched to an earlier flight. They promptly delayed it by an hour.
Puddle jumper in strong winds taking off and landing in snow. Ought to be exciting. Not!!

3 March 2013

Bank robber!

Took great care not to carry any cash with me during my run today. That way if a cop pulled me over and searched me, he would not suspect me to be a bank robber or something πŸ™‚ 5 mile solo run on Sunday morning. That was a cooooold run. Starbucks time!!!


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3 March 2013


It is 27 degrees in Milton. With wind chill 19 degrees. The question still remains – 3 layers of clothes or 4 for the Sunday morning run? At this point, I am painfully reminded of an old Ian McEwan quote –
β€œWhat can it be about low temperatures
that sharpens the edges of objects?” πŸ™‚

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2 March 2013


Did you know “stifle” is an anagram of itself?
How many of you are wondering – “What is the big deal? Every word is an anagram of itself”?
Think again….

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27 February 2013

Mislabeled boxes

Puzzle time!!
That was a great trip to San Francisco. Lot of business done. Caught up with a few friends. Missed a lot more. Have to come back…Now for the five hour flight back….
Here is the customary puzzle on the way back.
There are three boxes – one has white color tennis balls (see story later in the post), another has yellow color tennis balls and the third has a mix of the two colors in it. They are labeled “White”, “Yellow” and “Mixed”. Here is one problem though – all of them are wrongly labeled!!!
You are allowed to pick one box – upon which, I will open it, pick the first ball that I can reach in to and show you the color.
You have to get all the right labels on the right boxes from that. How would you do that?
Usual rules of sending me personal message in FB with answer applies.

Now for the story – when we were growing up in India as a child, we used to play cricket (that was our winter sport, soccer being the summer sport). And we used tennis balls to play cricket – except we did not know they were tennis balls. In fact, I did not even know what tennis looked like till much later. I am not sure why but we used to call them “cambis” balls. And they were always white in color!!! I saw a traditional yellow color tennis ball way later in my life. Nowadays, I see my nephews play with yellow tennis balls all the time (although they still call it “cambis” ball).

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27 February 2013

San Fran hill run Take Two

Evidently, me sitting down 30 yards before the hilltop in my morning run has not been sitting well the whole day with me. So after all the meetings and interviews, I went back to my hotel in the evening, changed back into my running clothes and went out to redeem myself. It was tough, exhausting, and the heart and lungs certainly did not find it funny. But I made it all the way down and then all the way up… Admittedly, I did not put in a 5K before the hill run as in the morning… but if that is what it takes to conquer California St in San Francisco, then that is what it takes πŸ™‚
Now, there better be a glass of red wine with my name written all over it πŸ™‚
Here is a picture of the same route in the evening…


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26 February 2013

Only in San Fran!

So here we were – Sunjay Talele and myself walking down the street from one meeting to another in downtown San Francisco… and then we come across this 24 hour fitness place with glass panels. And inside were a gazillion women doing what I can only guess what Zumba looks like. As we were marveling at those womenfolk dancing at lunch hour, we noticed that the Zumba teacher was a very ebullient man!! From first looks we would not have blamed you for thinking that he might have borrowed the clothes he was wearing from one of his students πŸ™‚ Only in San Francisco!!!

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26 February 2013

Those were steep!

5K run in San Fran this morning. Coming back from the pier, this is what I had as my running route. Right at the top in front of the yellow building is my hotel. It was unbelievably steep. My heart and lungs were bursting. As I neared the top, I could see the red light. The thought that I will get a few seconds break at the light kept me going. I was sure I will make it and then the darned light turned green πŸ™ My mind lost all the strength and I just sat down on the pavement. Very frustrating to realize I gave up within 30 yards of my hotel πŸ™


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25 February 2013

San Fran run

6K run early in the morning in San Francisco before the city woke up. The steep hills in the city were punishing on the knees. Once I got to the pier, it was enjoyable. You can see the Bay Bridge thru the piers here…


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