8 July 2013

Sunday night…

Our usual date night place. Somebody is getting married here. Sharmila and I took a guess at the bride’s age. Then we got the bar singer Brandon to befriend the bride’s brother and find out the answer.
Let’s just say, we stand a good chance of getting kicked out of this place by the wedding party πŸ™‚

7 July 2013

Sunday run

All our Bengali friends are on vacation for the long weekend. So Amitesh and I decided to run the hills around his neighborhood. As always the uphill was difficult but the downhill hurt lot more. 5K later, we sat out in his porch to enjoy some home brewed coffee!!

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5 July 2013

The world is getting smaller….

With the three girls window shopping in Toronto airport, I took a sneak peek into my calendar to see what is waiting for me in office. The travel schedule alone was enough to drive me to sit at a bar and order a drink πŸ™ I will be in Atlanta literally for six weekdays only πŸ™
Two drinks later – I now have a more positive outlook – I am targeting to run every Friday this month…. In a different country each!! First one was Canada. Second will be UK. Third will be US. And fourth will be India.
Three countries that speak English and one that speaks what it thinks is English πŸ™‚

5 July 2013

How often does this happen?

Yesterday, while climbing up Murray Rd from the Falls, I heard somebody yelling my name. Sure enough, Aabhas Chandra – a colleague from long past – a decade in fact – had somehow managed to recognize me in a crowd thru all the changes I have gone thru in that decade!!! Both of us were in a hurry at that moment – so we scooted off at that time after exchanging pleasantries…
And then we got together this morning in the one way I know how to catch up with long lost friends – we ran for half an hour in front of the Niagara Falls and then grabbed a Starbucks!!!
Evidently, the arcs of lives meet more than once!!!