13 August 2023

Second day of canoeing

Thanks to Prabasaj-da, I was able to go canoeing again in his Origami canoe today. We tried the Chattahoochee river this time. This experience was even better than the first time since we had our share of adventures.

First, we got stuck in the rocks around a few small rapids once. Took a bit of maneuvering and kicking the rocks to get unstuck.

Second, we saw this creature swiftly moving across the water. Looked like a turtle from a distance but it was too fast to be a turtle. There was a bird that swooped towards it but it sharply darted under water. And then it surfaced a few seconds later about 30 yards away near the other bank. For the life of us, we could not figure out what it was. This is about the time we were glad we were not in Florida 🙂

After we were done and pulled out of the water in Azalea park, a handful of people came by to see us dismantle and fold up the canoe. Seemed like a few of them were aware of these foldable canoes!

The lush green trees on either side of the river was a sight to watch!

30 July 2023

Have you heard of an origami canoe?

When Prabasaj-da had talked about canoeing, the part that had interested me most was his “origami canoe”. The full canoe folds up into a box and you carry it around in your car like you are carrying a suitcase. It was pretty intriguing to watch him open the box and assemble the canoe in under 10 minutes!

30 July 2023

Did something new today!!

After hearing Prabasaj-da talk about canoeing, I had developed a more than passing curiosity about it. Never got around to taking the plunge. Today, woke up very early and went to Stone Mountain Lake to get the first taste of canoeing in Prabasaj-da’s canoe. In the process, learnt the difference between a canoe and a kayak!

It was very serene at 7 in the morning with near still water! Loved the experience. Might be yet another thing I will get into!!

By the way, I wore my brightest orange shirt and bright colored life vest to leave nothing to chances in terms of others spotting me if I fell in the water 🙂