11 May 2012


Two hours of playing the tabla (Indian drums) with Bihu songs. These are songs popular in Assam (northeast India) – usually sung this time of the year (spring). My sister used to excel in this style – 30 years back. Last time I accompanied her on the tabla was 20 years back. How I wish she was here thus evening instead of half a world away….

11 May 2012


After my morning run, I was enjoying my Starbucks and stretching. Suddenly, I hear this “excuse me sir”. Expecting to be asked for directions, I look up and see this young guy who asked “how long does it take to be flexible like that”? I am like “Yesss… Take that Roger Whitney, for calling me old” 🙂 Anyways, I had to wait till he got into the car before I could groan from all those pulled muscles from over stretching 🙂 🙂

10 May 2012

Abrupt end

I am clearly not doing something right. Woke up with terrible cramps. That is over a week of something or the other dragging me down. Second time in my life that I can remember ending my run prematurely. After three miles, had to pull over. Nice Starbucks and sun though…

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7 May 2012



I have way too many questions. Which MIT student was so sloshed in beer that one night (s)he came up with this brilliant idea – I am going to feed the mouse some yogurt and then see what it does to the size of its testicles? Why yogurt? Why, of all body parts, the testicles? And how do you even measure them with so much precision that you can say they have grown? Are we done with solving all the other problems?

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3 May 2012

Quick NYC trip

Headed to NYC after a looooong time. Unfortunately – just for the dinner. And back super early tomorrow for a breakfast meeting in Atlanta. Not to talk about all those Delta snacks in between 🙂

27 April 2012

Spanning generations!

First time I have run with two generations in the same family. 5 mile run with Rish (13 years age) today. Ran the half marathon with his mom Mita (of classified age :-)) in Dallas two years back. Rish plays football, basketball and track for his school (12 sec 100 yard dash). Probably explains why instead of my extra hot latte, I am having a caramel frapuccino with him at Starbucks 😉 — with Rish Basu and Mita Basu at Starbucks 9830.