19 May 2012

Jobless G8

USA Today reports “G-8 leaders agree to promote economic growth”. I have a question – As opposed to what? Did they really have to carefully evaluate the alternate option of NOT promoting economic growth?

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16 May 2012

Sister calling…

Rich Irony: My sister from a small town in Eastern India called me up in the middle of my office meetings (it is near midnight for her) because she is stuck with a question while teaching her fourth grader for next day tests – Which is Rajasthan’s Blue City? Not that I am an expert on Rajasthan – and she is acutely aware of it. But unlike her, I can access the internet in a second!!!! And that is exactly how I found out the answer 🙂 (she won’t buy my claims that I knew it anyways 🙂 🙂 )

13 May 2012

Niki vs Siri

It was barely 5:30 am and I was enjoying my coffee watching the rain when Nikita walks down the staircase from her bedroom, my iPhone in her hand, complaining “Siri is mean”! Apparently, first thing in the morning, she asked her “Am I awesome” and Siri politely answered “I cannot answer that” 🙂 And with that, we are off to a flying start to this Sunday!!

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13 May 2012

Mother’s day!

Usual Sunday watering hole with Sharmila for Mother’s Day dinner. Instead of fancy tables, we decided to sit at our usual bar chairs chatting with the staff. So far, one guy fell and cracked his head (paramedics and fire engine here), one table had a proposal (successful) and one table had a candle overturned on the tablecloth!!! 🙂 To think, I was the one who over drank tonight 🙂 🙂

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12 May 2012


A CNN headline report this evening starts this way – “Two suspected U.S. drone strikes killed 11 al-Qaeda militants in southern Yemen on Saturday, Yemeni military officials said.”
There is an irony when Yemen military “suspects” that it is a US drone but is absolutely sure that those killed are al-Qaeda militants 🙂

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