26 September 2012

Touché again!!

Today is “wacky socks” day at school for Nikita. I am always delighted by the luxuries of life kids of our generation enjoy. Most of my school life, I had just one pair of socks. I suspect though, after the passage of certain time, they also became wacky :-).
As I came down the stairs this morning, I saw Nikita at the breakfast nook with these socks on. Just to get her charged up a little early in the morning, I loudly said “They live up to their name alright”.
She kept her calm – except as I passed her, I heard her muttering under her breath – “This, from the guy who shaves his head” 🙂

Touche again!


Posted September 26, 2012 by Rajib Roy in category "Humor

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