21 June 2023

Taking laziness to another level

I had barely settled down in the balcony with my drink and my book when Jay Jay decided to join me. He realized that the swing was a bit too high for him. Undeterred, he backed up a few steps and then with a running start jumped up – startling me (I was not expecting it) as well as almost spilling my drink.

As if his good deed of the day was done, he promptly snuggled himself in the space next to me and went off to sleep.

If I do not keep a watch, I am afraid he might try this all by himself when we are not around. He is that addicted to laziness.

20 May 2023

Bogga standing guard for me

Woke up early this morning and made some tea for myself. Bogga wanted to be with me so I brought him downstairs. He sat on the patio keeping a watchful vigil on every passing vehicle as I enjoyed reading the Economist over the said cup of tea.

Jay Jay – the terrier – allegedly an hunter dog – opened one eye slightly to see where we were going and then went back to sleep!!