13 May 2023

This dog is getting a reputation

Jay Jay and I were sitting beside Alpharetta Green watching the kids and parents play soccer when a gentleman walked up to us and asked me – “Did your dog go to Truck and Tap today?” Not sure of the context, I replied – “No. But he was there yesterday.”

“I know. We watched him listening to the live music the whole time!!”

“Yep! That be our dog alright!!”

8 May 2023

Jay Jay catching his forty winks

He was not very happy when I told him we are not going to downtown today. We will sit in the patio and I will read a book and he can watch people. That did not appeal to him. He did not even bother opening his eyes to look at the people and dogs going up and down the street! It was like he was going “I am going to be like this. You just tell me when you are done so we can go inside!”