16 September 2023

The loyalty is unbelievable

The three of us had walked up to our local Publix. Publix does not allow dogs to come in. So, Jay Jay and I hung out outside while Sharmila went in to pick up a few things.

He moved away from the high traffic area in front of the door and then thru the window pane kept staring inside waiting for her to come out. Every time somebody would come out, he would excitedly look at the person and turn his neck to follow him/her ensuring that he had not missed her. Once convinced that it was a wrong person, he would immediately swing back his neck and start the process all over again!!!

13 August 2023

There we go again!

We went out for our evening walk. Or at least started to go to downtown Alpharetta. On the way, I was going to drop two letters at the post office. Jay Jay got characteristically excited when he realized I was putting my shoes on. The piddly little tail was threatening to come off – he was shaking it so vigorously when I put the leash on him. Sharmila was a little behind. So, I figured maybe Jay and Jay and I can drop the letters and then catch up with her in our stroll to downtown.

Jay Jay started pulling at the leash virtually every three steps. He needed to sniff here, put a marker there and in general would not let me cover 10 yards in one minute. Then we started crossing the road. Right in the middle of the road, he tugged hard and made that eye contact with me. “What happened?”.

Well, he had looked behind and noticed that Sharmila was not with us. He would not budge. Simply sat down on the road and kept staring at our house door. Fortunately, on a late Sunday evening, there was no traffic – else I would have had to pick him up and move him.

After failing to dissuade him, I let his leash go and crossed to the other side of the road. Nothing fazed him. He stood his ground – Casabianca style – till Sharmila emerged from the house. He waited till she drew up close to him and then he made a beeline for me!

This dog is incorrigible!