9 June 2012

Full Fat!

Context Switch. In my adopted country, retailers market “fat free”, “no fat”, “low fat” products to woo customers. In my birth country, it appears that retailers are trying to reassure the consumers of the minimum amount of fat they are guaranteed of getting. (no upper limit though)


9 June 2012

Hot! Hot! Hot!

Hot. Hot. Hot. Another day of hitting 105 degrees. Here is how hot it is in Durgapur this year – during my entire stay this time, my dad has not even once uttered those dreaded three words – “Thanda legey jaabey” (you will catch a cold) 🙂 🙂

8 June 2012

That eraser!!!

“Neighbor’s envy, owner’s pride”
Another indelible memory dug up from the yesteryears from my old schoolbag. This used to be the premium eraser or as we called it in India – “rubber”. (I know, I know what you are thinking 🙂 Life was much simpler for us in school). This eraser commanded superior street cred compared to other erasers since it had a nice smell, was costlier and reputedly could erase pen marks (green part) as well pencil marks ( white part). It took me a lot of academic performance in 5th grade to convince my dad to give me one. I was so proud of it, as you see, I never used it in fear of losing its perfect rectangular shape 🙂
— at Open Market, Durgapur.



8 June 2012

An old song…

Treasures from rummaging:
Found my sister’s “gaaner khaata”. (notebook of songs) from 1976. She started learning how to sing. Me, how to play the tabla. The very first song we did together was “Sara Jibon Dilo Alo”. I remember because our dad made us perform during a Durga Puja programme in Debipur. (remember Debipur from my previous posts?) That was the first song she learnt.

I found the notebook where her teacher had written the lyrics. I am carrying this with me and digitizing in Atlanta.
She eventually sang in TV programmes and now teaches her daughter. I just play tabla by myself on Friday evenings in Atlanta.
For the Bengalis of my age group, this was written on a notebook branded ” Bongo Lipi” if you remember!!! — atThe Peerless Inn – Durgapur.
8 June 2012

Scooter with nine lives…

In an apt display of how the previous generations valued things (when money was tight), my dad has stuck with his first and only vehicle he ever bought. In 1977!!! The manufacturer does not exist any more!!! There is only one mechanic in town who is even willing to fix it. The value of the scooter literally doubles every time he fills in petrol 🙂 The ignition key, which comes out loose in all that rattle and ruckus during a ride is permanently chained to the scooter (see the photo carefully). Still, he refuses to give it up!!! I actually took it out for a ride today. Before that, I asked him “Eta ekhono choley?” (does it still work?). He thought for a few moments and then reluctantly admitted “Choley. Kintu ektu maardhor korey chalatey hoy”. [i need some help from Bengali FB friends for the transliteration to do justice to his sense of humor] — at Open Market, Durgapur.


7 June 2012

“Where the buffaloes roam”

“Where the buffaloes roam”. The contrast that is India. This is the biggest mall in my town. 400,000 square feet of foreign brands like Luis Phillipe, United colors of Benetton, Converse, Nike, Pepe Jeans and so on. And right at the entrance is two buffaloes grazing….. 🙂


7 June 2012

Second 10K run

10k run in Durgapur. Found something more dangerous than street dogs– all those people learning how to drive early in the morning in empty roads. When a dog approaches you, it is an easy “friend or foe” decision. You take evasive action by picking a stick or throwing a stone (both of which are in abundant supply by the roadside). But when you see the newbie driver clutching onto the steering wheel helplessly for dear life as the car slowly but steadily makes a beeline for you after deviating from its original straight line by an angle “theta”, I have no idea what the right reaction is. Clearly throwing the same stone that I had saved for the dog would set in motion a sequence of events that should be tried only after I have increased my speed by a few more miles per hour 🙂 — at Durgapur, Ashish Market.

7 June 2012

Raichak trip – 2012

Videos from our Raichak trip in summer of 2012

“Hath Thakte Mukhe Keno?” 🙂

“Raichak Golf”

“Ball Khela”

“Nouka Paar”

“Raichak Khao Daoa”

“Doob De Mon Kali Boley”

“Amader IPL”

6 June 2012

Our trips to Big Bazar

Second evening in Durgapur. Second trip to Big Bazar with Sharmila in the evening. If you are not aware of Big Bazar, think of it as a large departmental store. However, if you are aware of Big Bazar, it is really a code word Sharmila and I use to go to a local restaurant to drink some red wine. (my alcohol-disapproving parents have not quite figured out yet what do we buy everyday 🙂 )