30 November 2011

Chile Vacation

Family vacation in chile.
The kids, Sharmila and I went to Chile and spent over a week there. We had a great time in Santiago, the valley of Casablanca, Vina del Mar, Valparaiso, Portillo, Zapaillar, Pomaire and such other beautiful places. Juan Catalan was the guide and chauffer and he was the big difference why we enjoyed it so much this time!!!

25 November 2011

Good Bye!

Back in a plane! Goodbye Chile. For now, I guess. Sharmila loves the country so much, she wants to move here. She has even fixed the small town where she wants to move.
I will wait for her to master her Spanish till she can order right size ice cream 🙂 — with Sharmila Roy.

24 November 2011

One difference with India…

10K run. Vina del Mar to Renaca beach and back… For whatever reason, here everybody runs in the evening. I saw only a couple of runners thus morning. I had to dodge ten times as many street dogs. The street dogs looked well fed and therefore unlike the Indian variety, completely ignored me!!