7 December 2015

’tis the season to be jolly !

This morning, while having coffee with my Sunday running buddies at a Starbucks, I saw a nice chandelier right above our head. It had some – what looked like – unique lamps. Took a few pictures with my iPhone. Anybody who has tried to take a picture of a bulb with iPhone will know that it is very tricky since the lens gets very confused on the focus/aperture thing (too many spots with too much brightness contrasts).

In any case, I had completely forgotten about it. Just now, I was looking for something and chanced upon those pictures from the morning. Out of curiosity, darkened the pictures a little and lo and behold! I realized something that I had not this morning. Each “bulb” is actually a bunch of LEDs arranged like a Christmas tree!!

It is the season to be jolly!!!


Posted December 7, 2015 by Rajib Roy in category "Images

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