23 March 2014

Chalupa – the young kids rule!!

The prospect of impending rain did not keep the Chalupa runners from showing up! Fortunately, the rains held up till just about the time we finished. What was amazing was that we had an elementary school student – Raya – who had gone to sleep at 2 am the previous night (late night party) – showed up nevertheless and ran with us. You can see me and her in the picture going “toe-to-toe” so to speak 🙂 to symbolize that she was ready to match the adults at every step of stamina and strength.
Two high schoolers – Mishtu and Pooja as well as a middle schooler – Remi were there too. Pooja and I ran the “fast mile” together. We clocked at 7:15 min/mile. By the way, we need to find out why the young boys of our group are sleeping in when the girls are coming out to run.
It was good to see Sudipto, Nachiketa and the ever reliable Samaresh, Malobika and Ashok on the trail. It was even better to have the coffee together at Starbucks!!


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