9 October 2009

Durga Pujo 2009 Dance

Durga Pujo is the biggest annual festival for Bengalis from India. We had a three day clebration here in Atlanta. Nikita and Natasha both danced in it. Sharmila was busy getting dressed up in all the traditional Indian clothes and chatting with her friends. I was mostly eating and making myself scarce. 🙂

The first video is of Nikita. This is a song composed by Tagore. Dance choreographed by our personal friend Mayuri Ray. The second one is by Natasha and her friends – this time a popular Bollywood song and choreographed by Mayuri again. The last one is by Natasha and her friends to a popular Bengali song – choreographed by another talented friend of ours – Indrani Kar.

Nikita’s performance – “Megher Koley”

Natasha’s first dance – “Dheem Ta Na”

Natasha’s second dance – “Saat Bhai Champa”

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