19 August 2021

Carving out his own future

Tom Aliff!! I remember the first day I met him – back in July of 2009. I am fairly sure he was still in his twenties. What had struck me was his sheer intellect, executive presence and that constant smile!! I learnt a lot about Analytics from him in the next 4 or 5 years.

But the most exciting part of him is his personal life. In many ways, his is the model I hope to emulate some day. He has varied interests and he keeps up with them. He is a super fast marathon runner. In fact, he was one of the three people who encouraged me to go do my own marathon. I remember taking a lot of tips on shoes and stretching.

He is a skateboarder!! And I am trying to do that myself! I need to get him to teach me that too.

Now he has his own band!!

Last April, he and I had a Facebook exchange to meet after we were all vaccinated and all. We did get that done this week.

Of course, when I am with Tom, there is always one more thing to learn. This time I got to know about Meditation – specifically the type he does. “Positive Nostalgia”. I have to admit, I did not grasp the whole concept. He will admit, I was not too good at Analytics either!!

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    Love these posts Rajib. Feel like I know a bit about Tom, and want to know about more…especially the meditation stuff.


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