8 April 2022

Another lifetime experience

You remember my pictures from Eleuthera – the straight line dividing the dark blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean from the Caribbean Sea? Well, this one is almost a perfect circle!

The adventure of this morning was to fly over the Great Blue Hole! This is literally a sinkhole in the middle of the sea!

Around the end of the Ice Ages, a part of the earth collapsed (like Cenotes we saw in Mexico) and then as the ice melted and water kept filling up the earth, this part of the world became flooded with water. In the middle of fairly shallow waters with beautiful hues of sky blue, you have this sudden deep drop with dark blue water.

Interestingly, the first time divers went to the bottom of this sinkhole was less than four years back. Apparently, there is big layer of hydrogen sulphide that is sitting midway thru and there exists no life below it (no oxygen). But they did find a coke bottle, a GoPro and the remains of two human beings!

We stayed comfortably up from all that at about 5000 feet above sea level.

But what a grand view it was!!

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