2 July 2021

A very different kind of vacation!!

First, this is only the second time Sharmila and I are doing an international vacation together since the kids were born. In the last 23 years, the only other time we did such a vacation was when we went to Portugal when Sharmila turned 40.

Second, the location – Eleuthera. I have not come across anybody who has heard of this island except Ted Dimbero – who was born in the Bahamas and apparently used to do summer camps in this island.

I was Google searching about islands a few years back and was struck by the water colors in the images. One side of the island is the Atlantic with its dark blue colors. And the other side is the Caribbean Sea with its sky blue color. The island is long and thin and there is a glass bridge where you can see both sides of the water! See the picture attached.

And now comes the third interesting twist. Instead of getting sunny weather, we are likely to get a lot of rain and wind due to Tropical Storm Elsa. Instead of pushing out our plans, we filled up our suitcases with all sorts of rain gear. The idea is to enjoy the beauty of these islands when they get totally drenched!!

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