3 April 2018

Cenote Ik Kil

First the geographical background. Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico is mostly formed with limestone rocks. Limestones being limestones, they often cave in. And I mean not like your average potholes in the road – this is tens of meters in diameter going down tens of meters below ground level. These “sinkholes” – called Cenotes were often a source of relaxations and pilgrimage for the Mayans who found clear water (and cold water, I might add) in the holes. (The water was mostly rain water getting filtered of all particles after going thru tens of meters of soil.

After seeing a few of those 6000-odd cenotes in Yucatan, this one truly took our breath away. The limestone rock caved in more or less vertically for about 90 feet. The sinkhole is about 200 feet wide and about 130 feet deep with water.

The amazing part were the vines that went straight from trees in ground level to the water.

Can you spot a couple of people in the picture jumping into the water?

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