6 April 2023

A very special family

Rajat-da and I went to IIT together. He was two years senior to me and my student counsellor. We spent a lot of time together in the soccer fields. In fact, we both played for our college in the inter-IIT meet in Kharagpur in 1986. He was a wizard in table tennis (ping pong) and still is. And still as crazy as ever when it comes to soccer (especially the Euro leagues).

After not having seen him since 1987, I got a chance to meet him in Bay Area a little over six years back. It was a hurried meet (I had just flown in from DC and he had to drive from San Jose to meet near SFO).

And then today, we had a very relaxing meet! I got to meet his family – Anindita-di, Rohit and Ankit. We had a long brunch and caught up on a lot of stuff – past and present. Not least of which was the staple diet of dad jokes! (or as we called in IIT – “PJ”s !!)

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