5 February 2017

Finally, met the gentleman!!

Exactly a month back – I had written about accidentally running into this young man’s grandparents in Kalyani at somebody else’s  house. Today, I finally got to meet him and spend some quality time with him. At the end, when it came to taking the mandatory picture to be posted on my blog, he did the best version of “rolling one’s eyes” that a one year old could muster 🙂 Might need some practice on how to do that without moving the head though 🙂

In the meanwhile, in our long walks, he taught me how to say “Throw me up in the air”, “No, I am not going to eat anything”, “No, I am not going to sleep now”, “No, you cannot stop walking now” 🙂

Best time in the world! This is the one reason I love to go to the Bengali Pujas – there is always some small kid to spend some time with…

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