2 January 2014

Maybe these things DO happen only to me

I already told you that I will not blame you if you think I make up these stories after my meeting with Carol this morning.

But check this out .

We arrived at the airport early (Nikita has a sick tummy), got all the boarding, immigration, security done and settled down at the Lufthansa Business lounge. I was wondering what to do with Nikita when thru the corner of my eyes saw this gentleman wrapping up whatever he was doing on his MacBook and started packing up his carry on bags.

Something about him stirred a memory cell somewhere in my head. I told Sharmila that he might be someone I know.

Took a chance and walked up to him and asked “Sorry if you find this weird, but are you Jagan?”. “Yes”, he said but kept staring at me. Obviously he could not recognize me. “Rajib Roy”, I said. He yelled out loud enough that everybody in the lounge stared at us!!!

His flight was leaving – I accompanied him to the gate, grabbed his business card and asked the person at the gate if he would mind taking a picture of us. I told him (having seen how empty the gate was) that I realize he might be the last passenger they have been waiting for but I just met him after 1989. The gentleman gladly obliged.

I came back to Nikita and the family thinking about our days together in the same wing (hallway) in our hostel (dorm) during my undergraduate days – so many soccer games, volleyball games, cricket games together – so many trips to the Taramani tea stall – so many hours of sitting and debating over completely irrelevant things…

That was 25 years back!!


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