4 June 2012

Nikita’s questions!!

First train journey in India with Nikita alone. She has a million questions as she struggles to bridge two very different contexts – why are the people walking on tracks? Isn’t that dangerous? Why does India have so many golf courses? (they are paddy fields!). Why do all houses look dirty? Do they have pictures of when the houses were new? Why were those two boys sleeping in the station? Are their beds coming in the next train? Going to be an interesting ride….

3 June 2012

My great aunt!!!

Promise fulfilled! Last year, during a phone call, I had promised to come and see her personally. This is the 96 year old great aunt of mine who had accepted my grandmom and her kids into her family when my dad lost his dad (he was 2 then). Without that and the sharing for the next 15 years, there is no telling what my dad would be today. Or I for that matter. We chatted for two hours. Best time of my life!!!


1 June 2012


Swarupda!!!! My personal tutor in 1982!! Met after 30 years! One of the earliest influencers in my life! He is the reason why I fulfilled my dad’s first dream of me – bagging the National Talent Search award. I never went near his second dream – being an IAS officer! Not that I was too much into his first dream either, but I did master double differentials at the age of 15 due to this gentleman. If not anything else, I owe a lot of self confidence to him. 30 years later, we met under very circumstances…. But with our unbelievable respect for each other intact. 30 years back, who knew we will meet someday and talk about the effect of macro economic policies on our respective industries? — at Ffort Radisson Raichak.