7 June 2012

“Where the buffaloes roam”

“Where the buffaloes roam”. The contrast that is India. This is the biggest mall in my town. 400,000 square feet of foreign brands like Luis Phillipe, United colors of Benetton, Converse, Nike, Pepe Jeans and so on. And right at the entrance is two buffaloes grazing….. ๐Ÿ™‚


7 June 2012

Second 10K run

10k run in Durgapur. Found something more dangerous than street dogs– all those people learning how to drive early in the morning in empty roads. When a dog approaches you, it is an easy “friend or foe” decision. You take evasive action by picking a stick or throwing a stone (both of which are in abundant supply by the roadside). But when you see the newbie driver clutching onto the steering wheel helplessly for dear life as the car slowly but steadily makes a beeline for you after deviating from its original straight line by an angle “theta”, I have no idea what the right reaction is. Clearly throwing the same stone that I had saved for the dog would set in motion a sequence of events that should be tried only after I have increased my speed by a few more miles per hour ๐Ÿ™‚ย โ€” atย Durgapur, Ashish Market.

6 June 2012

Our trips to Big Bazar

Second evening in Durgapur. Second trip to Big Bazar with Sharmila in the evening. If you are not aware of Big Bazar, think of it as a large departmental store. However, if you are aware of Big Bazar, it is really a code word Sharmila and I use to go to a local restaurant to drink some red wine. (my alcohol-disapproving parents have not quite figured out yet what do we buy everyday ๐Ÿ™‚ )

5 June 2012

The grand conclusion on running!!!

Early morning. Dad and I are having tea sitting outside. Everything was going great till I pulled my running shoes out. So far it has been a 30 min lecture on the ill effects of running ๐Ÿ™‚ His conclusion was hilarious – “Sutorang, jotoi dourou, hnaatu jedin jabar sedin jabe-i” (“therefore, howmuchever you run, your knee is going to give in someday anyways”) ๐Ÿ™‚

4 June 2012

The frontside back cap…

Got down at Durgapur station fully prepared for the 110 degree day. I had my shorts on to infuriate my relatives, I had the loosest Hawaiian shirt on that my dad feels I can easily grow into only if I would stop running and my baseball cap on like some of those tennis players – to make sure I give my relatives some time to get used to my shaven head. My dad, had one look at me, chuckled and said “sokaley taratarir modhey tupi-ta ulto pora hoye gechhe” (translation “in your hurry in the morning, you mistakenly put your cap on frontside back”). I chuckled back knowingly…