27 May 2023

What is a good use case for this?

Strolling down the aisles of Walgreens, waiting for my medication to be ready, this caught my eye. Tests to see if you have marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, ecstasy in your system…

My question: Who uses this?

Surely the cops are not going – “Let’s pick up some of those tests on our way to the beat”. Parents aren’t forcing the kids to take these tests. Are people taking these before going for drug tests for jobs and all that?

Who buys these from Walgreens?

Any ideas?

18 April 2020

What do you think? Should I post in Facebook?

Eighteen long months back, I started an experiment. I got myself off all social media groups – Whatsapp groups, Facebook groups etc.

I have a slightly mixed feeling of the experiment but overall, I do not feel any need to go back to the groups. I certainly regret the fact that I did not realize one of my schoolmate’s dad died or another friend had met with an accident – all of these were discussed in groups. I found those out during my birthday calls with those friends. And occasionally, some friend who was aware that I was not in any group informed me of those incidents.

As a slight aside, somebody let me know that people were showering me with a lot of birthday greetings on my birthday in my MBA classmates’ Whatsapp group. Not sure how many of them realized that I was not even in the group.

I re-joined my middle school Whatsapp group about four months back. Lasted less than 48 hours.

I am thinking about Facebook now. As many of you know, I actually do not post on Facebook. I write (some might even suggest way too much) on my blog – www.rajibroy.com. It then gets crossposted to FB thru a plugin of the platform that I use – WordPress.

The original purpose of my blog (which is in its 16th year and predates when I joined Facebook) was to leave a journal of my life – if anybody in my progeny or even current times ever wanted to know who I was/am and what life I led/lead.

While Facebook has been a great vehicle for me to get those posts out to so many of my friends and find out connections that I was not even aware of, my original purpose was never to try to make my stories popular. I just needed a place to write my stories.

I am wondering whether I should just stick to my blog like I used to and not cross post ever to Facebook. What do you think?

(This is not to say I will quit FB. Every weekend, I catch up with news. I will catch up with some of my FB friends’ posts too – of course, depending on what FB lets me see)