27 May 2013

Day so far….

1.Virtual group run with Bengali group – 4 miles
2. Beach soccer with Niki for an hour
3. Another run in beach – this time no shoes – 2 miles
4. Meiomi Pinot Noir whole day
5. With Niki in ocean for a hour
6. With Niki in pool for another hour
7. Read “Pause Principle” while getting fried in the sun πŸ™‚
8. Long beach walk with Sharmila
9.. Sunday night date night with Sharmila at Dunes House

Now, if I can 10. hit the sack sometime, it will be “Mission Accomplished” for me πŸ™‚

26 May 2013

Four letter word?

Sharmila and I took a long walk on the beach hand in hand and all that stuff… Discussions swirled around our parents, India, life after kids, work and all things sundry. Somehow the discussion veered towards me having to sell her something (I think it was about the location of our retirement home). Anyways, she thought I am a terrible sales person. Touched to the quick, I reminded her that she had said “No” when I proposed to her and her parents were dead against the marriage. Yet, we are where we are – so I cannot be that bad in sales.
Not sure whether she was trying to make light of the situation or just being reflective but she said that I do not know what life would have been if we were not married.
This was getting awkward for me. So, determined to make light of the situation myself I pointed out that “life” is a four letter word. She laughed out loud. Thoroughly relieved, I proceeded with my joke – “as is ‘work’, ‘wife’, ‘kids’…..”. As she continued to laugh, I ratcheted up the challenge -“Name me one four letter word after our marriage that we have enjoyed”.
Her laughter came to a sudden stop and she dead panned “Wine”!
Did I mention when I said that I was holding her hand, I had a plastic cup of cheap house wine from our resort in my other hand? Boy, does she know how to nail me. πŸ™‚
I continued to point out to her how beautiful the ocean looked …. πŸ™‚

6 April 2013

TSA Pre!

“I so do not want to be 13”, said Niki after clearing security at the airport. Evidently, she loves being able to tag along with me thru TSA Pre at airports. Sharmila, who is not cleared for Pre, of course never finds it funny. Especially, when she gets picked up for dabbing the palms to check for traces of gun powder or something.
So, I suggested to Niki that when mom comes thru, we will both point our fingers at her and do some mock laughter. Ever thoughtful, Nikita, considered the whole proposal and concluded “You know, dad, I agree sometimes I am rude. But I also now know where I get it from”!!
Okay then, somebody is not sitting next to her on the flight back!! πŸ™‚

4 April 2013

Run in rain

5 mile run in Florida on A1A by the beach. In thunderstorm and torrential rain!! Had the time of my life.
When I started, the ominous dark clouds had already started moving in. After I completed the first mile, the temperatures started dropping rapidly and the wind started howling. The clouds were coming from the northwest and rapidly started enveloping the sky and then the ocean.
The beach was a beautiful sight. The palm trees were in unison bent in the same direction as if to let the wind know which way to go. The beach goers were scrambling back the other way and dragging on the sand their children and belongings alike.
Within minutes, a loud cloudburst announced the arrival of sharp rain and occasional thunders. The road cleared out very quickly. Now that I had the whole road to myself, I did what every self respecting 46 year old would do.
I ran in the middle of the road, stepped on every single puddle that had formed (and if I missed any, I went back and stepped on it) and stuck my tongue out to taste the rain. At one point, I got a huge shout out from some spring breakers stuck in a second floor bar. I doffed my cap to them and discovered how great the sharp rain felt on my shaved head. I never put the cap back!!
Finally, I pulled up near the hotel after five miles, in front of a bunch of amused hotel guests waiting for their ride to come in the rain. Carefully I wrung out the water from the socks and cap on the side and walked in barefoot, totally drenched, water drops marking the way I walked with my shoes in my hand, casually like nothing had happened πŸ™‚
There is a Starbucks in the hotel. Right now, it has a coffee cup with my name written all over it… πŸ™‚