26 April 2023

The cardinal brought back memories from my old house

I am no golfer. One life has been enough for me to strive for the green and end up in a hole without having to have golf double it up 🙂 That said, as my friends went out on their carts to get the whack-a-white-ball therapy, I strolled around in the beautifully manicured greens. There were lots of beautiful flowers and interesting birds.

This bird brought back memories from the previous house where I would sit in the porch with my DSLR and wait for the cardinals to come in pairs and try to take a good picture before they would spot me moving.

This was taken with my iPhone 11 from about 15 yards away (and then magnified).

Posted April 26, 2023 by Rajib Roy in category "Vacations

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