26 April 2020

About that crossposting to Facebook bit…

First thank you to all of you who voiced their opinions. Certainly, overwhelmed by the votes to keep the crossposting on. After thinking about it for quite some time, I have decided to go with Parijat’s suggestion – which is basically – “try it for some time”. I think that is invaluable advice. If we do not experiment in life, how will we ever know what we are capable of? Or for that matter learn about our limitations?

I will stop crossposting for sometime and see how the experiment works out.

So that you do not completely forget me (try as you might), I am going to put up a weekly digest every weekend on Facebook to give you an idea about what all blogs I have posted that week. If any of that piques your interest, feel free to go to the website and read it up.

I have enhanced the comments section (you do not need to put in your email or URL any more – you can put in your name but it is optional) as well as put in a Like button if you want to get a Facebook-like experience. (It toggles just like in Facebook). Looks like some of you already used it last night.

I am not putting in any email subscriber functionality that is going to notify you when there is a post. I figured that would be a nuisance to your inbox.

Before I forget, my blog – which is mostly an anthology of snippets of inconsequential moments of my life – called “History of my Future. First Draft!” can be found at rajibroy.com (which, I am sure you realize is my fullname dot com)

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